Internationalization of business

Developing international business initiatives

Our vision

The vision of the institute is to raise awareness of entrepreneurial internationalization in the Czech environment through information transfer, methodology and support of international initiatives.

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Entrepreneurs and small businesses

Businesses are responding to the new influences of globalization, technological changes and new risks. We help them with their orientation and show them the possibilities that Europe offers.

Ženy podnikatelky

Women and Mother

in business

Women and mothers in Czechia face many disadvantages and sanctions for motherhood on the labor market. Women entrepreneurs do not have enough support. We´ve changed it!

Podnikatel v rozvoji

Business environment and community

We strengthen the business environment and make its attractiveness visible. We open the paths of modern strategies and create a methodology of business internationalization.

Mission and Objectives

We enable entrepreneurs to see the business environment in the European spectrum and make strategic decisions accordingly. Our goal is to strengthen the international dimension of entrepreneurs, reduce the risks of local barriers and balance European differences.


Together we face the challenges of international standing.

Internacionalizace podnikání
For entrepreneurs and small business
Internacionalizace podnikání
For business development and society

Collaborative projects

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Webinář pro podnikatele

Webinars hosted by ICSB

13/02/2023 A webinar organized by ICSB took place on the topic of SME and business policy impact assessment. Questions were raised as to whether the policy for SMEs and entrepreneurs has the appropriate effect or whether the programs for entrepreneurs are really beneficial and justify their costs. Are there opportunities to achieve benefits more cost-effectively through alternative approaches?

International Council for Small Business


DemoDay Women's Angel Mission

Angel investors exist, but they are few and far between. Active female Angels are trying to raise awareness of Business Angels Deutschland e.V. (BAND) to mobilize new female investors. What still needs to be done to achieve Women Angels Mission '25, which is to increase the share of female angels to 25% by 2025, was addressed on 07/05/2023 at DemoDay in Berlin.

Business Angels Deutschland

Awareness of business internationalization

"For business it is necessary to unite with the rest of Europe." This was the title of an article on the unification of European time in 2008, which was the outcome of the European Commission's discussion on whether to maintain or abolish the time change in the individual EU countries.


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Connect your business with new partners and think European. You already have to face global influences and in the coming years you will face unique technologies. Robotics in the form of Industry 5.0. will supplement the already ongoing Industry 4.0. and new challenges will appear. Our advice, support and programs help you see new opportunities.


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