Think as an European!

Business internationalization is a reality. There is an assumption that entrepreneurship is directly proportional to internationalization. It is influenced by the factors that affect its process, i.e. the process of internationalization.

Website for the public

Our goal is to build a space where every citizen can learn about internationalisation as part of life, career development and business.

Internacionalizace podnikání

A manual for entrepreneurs

Already, entrepreneurs and SMEs have to face the challenges brought about by global influences and technological changes. They take action, innovate and adjust business models. The Institute therefore decided to prepare a manual that will help entrepreneurs with their orientation, show opportunities and provide them with internationalization paths.

  • Internationalization Manager
  • Competitiveness
  • Business sustainability
  • Common goals and inclusion

Outputs for

the public

Our activity is based on the collection of information focused on business internationalization, its content and implementation in the business environment.

Network Day ZA HRANICE

Behind the borders

The institute plans to expand the topic of business internationalization also among entrepreneurs and students through long-term cooperation.

In 2024, the first networking event will not carry this flagship topic, the first ever event dealing with the issue of business internationalization in the Czech environment.

Project goal

The project INBusiness to the People aims to raise awareness of the issue of internationalisation itself and business internationalisation, where every citizen will be able to get information, on a separate web interface in a simple form.

To introduce the public to the concept of internationalisation, the opportunities and possibilities it offers and how to use it in life and career development. To make available information on internationalisation in the field of business, the opportunities and threats related to global influences affecting entrepreneurs and SMEs and how to counter them through internationalisation.

Why does this make sense?

The Czech Republic is a part of the European Union, a neighbouring country, an international player, an exporter and a place of education and career development for students from all over the world. It is part of the whole and, above all, part of Europe.

If we want our society to flourish, we must have a European outlook. We need to play our part in creating a better environment for families and to push for the transfer of the best of ourselves into this whole to create synergy.

We want to give the public a helping hand
hand in the field of internationalization