Support for entrepreneurs

& small business

Help towards internationalization

We give lectures:

We give lectures on internationalization in business, where we present the basic issues of business internationalization, why business should have an international outlook and how to bring it to the European level.

INBusiness osvěta

We create content:

We are building a medium, present the benefits of collaboration and cross-border initiatives. We open the topics of inclusive business, shared services, business 3.0. and many more.

Ústav INBusiness

We collect data:

We collect and obtain information from entrepreneurs, experts and managers who are in charge of the internationalization process or have applied elements of internationalization to business.

Internacionalizace v praxi

We take interviews:

We do strategic interviews that open up the topic of internationalization to give readers an insight into the practice environment and bring them a more human approach to the issue.

Internacionalizace v byznysu

We create educational materials

Part of our activities is the creation of educational materials, e-books, manuals, digital brochures focused on internationalization in business and other materials related to the institute's activities.

Podnikání v Evropě

We provide consultations

Give your business an international level with a minimum of work. Why? You will start to think in a European way and support the Czech economy. Your business will become more attractive and you will increase your brand value. Our approach is comprehensive, increasing performance and efficiency.

Internacionalizace podnikání
Jak začít podnikat v ČR

We mentor others

Distance mentoring is a complaint service of the Institute, which depends on the capacity and contractual partners providing mentoring services within the Institute's Programme.

It focuses on goals and relationship building between the two parties. It is based on giving performance feedback and shared with mentor partners to achieve meaningful results and move towards set goals.

Women ESS

Helping Women

Women ESS

We have designed and implemented the Women ESS initiative, which we will continue to disseminate to draw attention to the economic gap between men and women and provide women and mothers with relief from the financial burden.

Jak podnikat na mateřské

We support

the inclusion

of women in business

We call for support for women in business, raising sensitive issues such as the pay gap, career discrimination, penalties for motherhood, the financial gap between men and women, which are topical and disadvantage women on their way to financial stability.

Events Bus-Internationalization

Events organised by the Institute focusing on the internationalisation and inclusion of women in business. Events in collaboration with the Institute's volunteers and partners to promote biz internationalisation.

The scope of our services

Strengthening the international dimension

We create awareness and appeal to the possibilities of cross-border activities, communities and relationships.

Increasing the attractiveness of the business environment

We enable you to perceive business on an international level.

Reducing Europe's business divide

As a medium, we make it possible to learn about the processes of internationalisation in business.

We are a source of business internationalisation

We are removing the information gap created by domestic barriers. We provide information and education.

Reduce business risk and increase stability

International insight brings a more relevant view of the business, broadens the segment and opens up new opportunities.

We support the inclusion of women and entrepreneurial mothers

While the priority is the inclusion of women in business, our initiative has an overlap that will affect everyone.

We are planning a unique networking
for entrepreneurs