Internationalization in Business

"It is necessary for business to unite with the rest of Europe."

That was the article on the unification of European time in 2008, the content of which was the output of the European Commission's discussion on whether to keep or cancel the time change in individual EU states. The result was to leave the free will of each state, although many participants found the temporal changes to be irrelevant.

For business entities at all levels of the pyramid, i.e. small entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises, it is necessary to provide support in the field of knowledge of the international environment in order to achieve not only the approximation of high-quality processes of entrepreneurship, but also sustainability and efficiency with an impact on personal and social life and supporting its quality.

Entrepreneurs need to work on a strategy to develop relationships between entrepreneurs. Already in 2005, a scientific article focused on the role of interpersonal relationships of entrepreneurs in the internationalization process was published, which mentioned that the functions of these relationships are much deeper and can guide the strategy and transform the company not only in terms of providing information, but also access to networks that would in they did not have a national level.

Entrepreneurial internationalization concerns both the commercial and social spheres, as it opens the field for the convergence of national neighboring and European ties, as well as relations in general. This creates an environment in which even economically smaller entities can function and cooperate better.

The entrepreneur should have a planned approach to the development of business-educational and business-business relations, and his goal should be a strategy that will support, revive and internationalize the business environment, which in this sphere is left behind by larger economic entities, conglomerates and corporations.

The state sphere, institutions and organizations clearly demonstrate that internationalization processes provide opportunities and increase the quality and relevance of education, support cooperation, coexistence and the performance of given activities that bring effective results across all areas.

INBusiness is a provider of information, educational and action resources in the field of business internationalization and inclusive business and helps entrepreneurs on the way to internationalization so that their business is competitive and takes advantage of the opportunities offered by Europe.

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