Awareness of internationalisation in businessiness

Who have we already helped?

Together we face the challenges of international standing

We provided information in the field of internationalization of business to beginning and established businesswomen and showed them how to acquire and develop competences in areas falling under the international process activities of business issues such as management 3.0., inclusive business, crisis management and digital orientation.

We designed and modified the project intent and delivered the output of the key objectives focusing on the promotion of motor safety prevention and the education of motor vehicle behavior and use with the aim of reducing road mortality through education and activities in support of the EU safety policy for Vision Zero.

We consult with Czech entrepreneurs in the craft industry on strategy and development in the area of general managerial competences at the European level and future focus. We provide resources and contacts to support and increase the sustainability of their business activities. We integrate strategies for passing on the expert knowledge of established craftsmen through age influence.

We held lectures where we introduced entrepreneurs to the concept of internationalisation and how it affects business. How to approach it and take advantage of the opportunities it offers in business.

We got the first feedback data showing that Czech entrepreneurs are not familiar with this issue and have no place to get the necessary information. The Czech Republic is the heart of Europe. We consider it important to promote a positive approach to internationalisation and to spread its awareness in the business environment.

In the early stages of the business, I considered various options for service, location, financial operatives and product. I consulted with the institute on a strategy using internationalization elements and a clear concept was proposed. I took advantage of foreign activities and transferred my experience from abroad to PP. The institute also gave me graphic support and I started the business within three months.

Entrepreneurship in the craft has reached a quality level and I have given it priority over employment. We may not reach Western salaries, but the way there is open. The language barrier is a problem, as is the lack of information and the absence of development. I consulted with the institute on these matters and the path of the new concept was determined as well as the idea of continuity and preservation of experience.