Inclusion of women in business

The first step how to avoid pay gap and career penalties is the path of entrepreneurship for women. Let's support them!

A satisfied wife = A quality family

The family is the basic building stone of society. As an institution is the family older than religion or the state at all. In the human world is a family the primary social unit from which everything else derives.

The family fulfills the most important functions, and the way how it´s led inside reflects on the future of the society. If we want to build a better world, we need to help families pass on quality spiritual values, courage,    self-confidence, independence, sharing and give their children an access to education.

The family is a highly private entity with the highest degree of autonomy. The support of women (mothers) has     a direct impact on the family environment and is more than necessary, because it is they who are affected by the negative effects of economic conditions, changes in the labor market and the existence of career sanctions.

Family Business INBUSINESS

Women & Mother Business

The program for women and mothers in business includes all activities and presentations to support women's entrepreneurship and draws attention to the weaknesses that disadvantage women in the economic (finance, labor market) and social (sanctions for motherhood, career decline after parenthood) spheres.

We provide information that reveals the possibilities of support in the field of women's entrepreneurship, shows the benefits of applied elements of internationalization and points to the need to change the approach to women in the business environment.

Women business inclusion

The Czech Republic has a lot of catching up to do in the inclusion of women compared to Western Europe.  Economic disparities continue to disadvantage women, even more so mothers returning to the labor market. At INBusiness, we highlight the need to support women in business and the inclusion of women in general. One of our tools is the Women Essential (Women Ess) initiative, which provides cheaper services to women.

Rodinný podnik

Women ESS

Women Ess is an initiative launched by the Institute to highlight the economic gender gap and support mothers (on parental leave) and women over 30 years of age to reduce their financial burden. Server Business for the company reports that women in the Czech Republic had to work 60 days longer in 2022 to reach the same remuneration as men. Women in the Czech Republic earn about 20% less than men. Women Ess is an initiative that provides women with better prices for services to reduce this gap. EU wants to strengthen the equality of pay gap.

Free advice

As part of the institute, we provide consulting services regarding strategic business goals, innovative methods - Entrepreneur 3.0. and business internationalization completely free of charge. This is one of the activities to support women's inclusion in business.

Inkluze žen v podnikání

We are building a medium that will contain the information and create a network of contacts focused on supporting women in business and the economic field.

We help overcome the gender gap  in business

Women face many obstacles in business that men don't usually have. There are significant differences related to the acquisition of funds, lack of time options and career growth, as women are mostly the ones who combine all these activities with taking care of children.

Financially, mother are often on their own, because there is no law requires duties of sharing all costs related with the child until it reaches adulthood in the case of parental separation. Women should be concerned not only with the prevention of potential threats, but also with the opportunity to receive business education and contact a mentor without having to pay for this service. They should know they have support!

Support Women

Western countries support women in business

we want this support for women also in Czechia

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Ženy ve vědě

Women in science have less chances of authorship

Penalty for motherhood

Women in science have less chances of authorship. The Czech Republic is unique in the European Union. There are penalties for motherhood in science.

Mothers and families have limited options

Gender financial gap

Gender differences in the relationship with the credit market are little talked about. Many women cannot access loans and start businesses due to economic disparities.

Genderová mezera