Business Internationalization

Working Group

We will not make big changes alone

The individual has the power of initiation, but is always shadowed by subjective blindness. Teamwork leads to better results and efficiency. The team sets things in motion and implements the process. If we want to set the foundations of business internationalization and provide relevant outputs, we need the opinions and knowledge of experts across the entire republic and conduct dialogues with experts from abroad who deal with this area.


Global actors, both private and public, have sufficient resources to set the internationalization process in motion and work consistently towards it. Small and medium-sized businesses usually do not have such options. They are not guided to this process, increasing the risks associated with their existence in the market. Let's help the application sphere establish itself in the environment of global change.

Working group of business internationalization

Let's work together

Government institutions, universities and the private sector. All of them have experience with the concept of internationalization and its application to the internal environment. Let's look for denominators that are common to all structures.

  • Provision and exchange of data
  • Communication, conversations, dialogues
  • Meeting with representatives of the group
  • Common outputs

Working group

We are looking for volunteers and partners to help us with issues of internationalization and its implementation in the working environment. Experts who know the logic and understood the necessity and functioning of the internationalization system and will give us their opinions, suggestions, point out weak points, help identify risks and give examples from practice.

Jak podnikat v USA

Working group

Project goal

The project aims to strengthen the Czech business environment through discussions and the search for the best alternatives to internationalization methods, which will be based on proper expertise, from established professionals who have already internationalized the environment where they work or are already internationalizing.

Working group

Why does this make sense?

The private sector is the engine of economic growth and development through the creation of jobs, wealth, the generation of public revenues necessary to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and the application of research and its measurability. His involvement in the internationalization process is a necessary part of the proper functioning of the whole.

Together we can do more

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