The difference between Czech and American marketing

Czech and American marketing. D

American business practices are different. Marketing practices are considered invasive by many European countries, yet many marketers and entrepreneurs copy them in the hope of succeeding. Some succeed, but this statistic is in the units of percentages, while tens of percentages bury their projects.

Americans have specific skills that they are taught from an early age. When used in business, they are like a fish in water, unlike the much more conservative Europeans or even the Czechs. The American entrepreneur primarily tries to make his or her business a place where customers want to go (Make a business a destination) and places great emphasis on prestige and quantity of intervention. There are reasons for this, both traditional and demographic. However, the Czech entrepreneur is limited by both of these factors, even though they often practice the same or similar practices.

Differences in marketing are evident

The differences in marketing are obvious. For example, each American break has its own advertising spot and sponsored statistics. Europe, on the other hand, has a number of restrictions that eliminate such actions. European marketing culture is clearly different and more concerned with local ties and social ethics.

In Europe, class differences are more accepted and in the US, wealth and success are fetishised. The aspirational American marketing is perceived by many Europeans as intrusive and insincere. It never will and never can work the same way. Businesses may not be open to new relationships, but customers are open to new ideas.

The Institute is researching this issue with the aim of educating Czech entrepreneurs about these factors and, in cooperation with Kaskara, a risk marketing firm, is trying to define the risks arising from misconceptions created by the transfer of information from the American business environment.

Our programs and outreach open up many neglected topics and new topics that arise with the evolution and intermingling of worlds and affect or influence the Czech business environment in any way. We educate and inform about the differences in business and marketing perceptions between countries from the perspective of internationalization as a living organism that impacts Czech entrepreneurs.

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